Kyle and Paul are having a design contest for Bitwit, Paul's Hardware, and Awesome Hardware. Cash prizes will be awarded to up to five worthy designs. Details below.

Cash Prizes
Cash prizes will be awarded for concepts and complete designs. Design concepts will be awarded $100. Complete, ready to print designs will be awarded $300.

Deadline for Entries
Deadline for entries in October 15, 2017.

Design Concepts
Design concepts are ideas that we like, but need additional work or revisions to make them suitable for screen printing. Design concepts can include, but are not limited to, drawings, raster art, funny text, or vector art that we feel needs to be revised.

Complete Designs
Complete, ready to print designs are fairly self explanatory. Vector artwork is preferable. High resolution raster art is good, but vector is better. Prize money for complete designs will be awarded if the art is professional looking, creative, original, and requires minimal work to make it print ready.

Artwork Suggestions
We are looking for artwork that ties into either channel or Awesome Hardware. Got an idea for an Awesome Hardware logo? Send it! Designs should reflect Kyle's and Paul's personalities or the vibe of their channels.  Keep it light and fun. Nothing offensive or obscene, please. Think gaming, computer builds, computer hardware, and the Awesome Hardware show. Awesome Hardware is long overdue for cool merchandise!

Artwork Criteria
General - Vector art is best for screen printing. Adobe Illustrator files are ideal. Other file extensions that work are eps, svg, and some pdf. Vector files should contain no more than 6 colors, preferably 4 colors or less. Photoshop files and other raster files need to be high resolution, 300 dpi is acceptable, 600 dpi is ideal. Scanned drawings should be 600 dpi. If your design has more than 6 colors and/or lots of gradient shading, a tif file with a transparent background is best. Acceptable raster file formats are psd, tif, and jpg.
Hand Drawings - Hand drawings must be easily scanned so they can be converted to vector. Scan at 600 dpi, please. Drawings should be black on white or other bold contrasting colors. Pencil drawings and sketchy drawings do not work well.
Fonts - Please submit all font names with the design. 
Backgrounds - We normally print designs on dark colored shirts, mostly black. Keep that in mind when creating art. If it does not show up well on a dark background, it will need to be revised.
Photoshop Files - Please include all layers in final submissions. It is sometimes helpful to be able to separate layers when revising art for screen printing. Remember, if the design is full color (more than 6) or has lots of shading, a transparent background is required for our color separation software.
Vector Files - Please keep vector files to 6 or less color, preferably 4 colors. Please use Pantone colors or spot colors if you know how. If not, please use CMYK. Please include font names with final submissions.

Design Submissions
Send all entries as jpgs at least 8.5" x 11". Keep your originals in the format that you created the art in. We will need the original format to work with if we choose your design.
Send entries less than 10 MB to as an email attachment. If the submission is larger than 10 MB, please give John at a link to a remote folder for download. John will share all submissions with Paul and Kyle. Paul and Kyle will make the final decisions on all entries.